DeaFIT's Service

-Motivational Speaker 

-DeaFIT Workshop 


My motivational speech is to bring deaf people from nation-wide communities together to give them inspiration about how my life has changed and achieved by sharing my experiences in diet and exercise program with American Sign Language.

Eat Healthy, Be Active community workshops based on the Dietary Guidelines, and the Physical Activity Guidelines are for the deaf people. 1-3 hours workshop includes a lesson plan, learning objectives, talking points, hands-on activities, videos, and handouts.


Fitness Instructor


-What Will I Do?

As fitness instructor or trainer. I lead, instruct, and motivate individuals in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercise (exercises for the heart, muscle and blood system), strength, core training, and stretching online via (videophone and Face time) I also work with people of all ages and skill levels with 100% percent ACCESS to better communication by using American Sign Language.



One to One Virtual or In Person Training with Shari Lynn

 includes: one hour virtual training and exercise plan that fits your training and physical capability at home or at the commercial gym.


4 Sessions $100.00


 6 Sessions $150.00


8 Sessions $200.00

Nutrition Consultant 


Includes:  a full health assessment, and based on your goals, you will receive 100% customized meal plan to get you started on your way to a better and healthy lifestyle.  Follow-up appointments through videophone and Face time to allow us to tweak things as needed and keep you accountable and focused. Your weekly check in would be on Sundays (weight and photos) You will also receive resource tools via Email, Text, Glide, Macro Polo, Videophone and Face time as well as feedback on your food intake, as needed with 100% percent communication by using American Sign Language.

6 Weeks Meal Plan $250.00


12 Weeks Meal Plan $450.00


16 weeks Meal Plan $575.00

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