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Thank you, Shari for all you did to help your sister, Deba to teach me how to eat right and keep exercising.  I have lost about 100 lbs. in 6 months.  Now, I know how to manage my weight better than before.  Thank you, Shari.


i have been totally blown away with the results by following Shari’s nutrition plans. She took her time to understand my goals for my fitness. one of the great things about Shari is that she empowered me to be able to make the right choices with the food to ensure I gain my knowledge about staying clean, healthy and be fit. Shari is passionate with what she does and been there with me every step of my healthy journey. I highly recommended Shari to be your nurition coach and you will learn so much from her and have her full support!!


I hit my record weight as obese at 212 lbs by the time I was 40 and it took me 2 years to think about turning over a new leaf. Why did it take me 2 years to think it over? Failure was it.. I had a fantasy dream when I was a child to become as big as a hulk - I have idolized the hulk and we always talked about him at school and imitating him. I decided, heck, I’m at the point in my prime and have lived almost half of my life span so why not push it into reality! Now this is is reality and real!! I’m going all in full throttle all the way as a permanent body builder. My inspirations are some 80 year old female bodybuilders out there and they have sparked my motivation to the highest level! Heck, I’m all in!! I am forever grateful to have Shari Moore as my coach and personal trainer and having her as a huge part and role in my bodybuilding era! Dreams don’t fall from the sky, you have to work hard to accomplish and grab the stars!

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With shari program I was able to lose weight, feel good about myself. Shari program was clear and easy to follow. I cried when I tried on sexy black dress at the mall that’s when I knew shari program was the real deal. It is tools that you will learn and use for life time it is life changing experience. Shari stays with you and make sure you reach goals. I am grateful for this experience.


My journey to learning about stay committed and discipline in fitness within life. Commitment and discipline are Keys to believe in yourself!


It was a great experience with my trainer for my bikini competition! I won twice, 1st and 3rd place of National Comepetion in 2019! It was my first time! I thank her for supporting, helping and listening to me no matter what. It was a lot of learning from her teaching and explaining! It’s awesome idea to have her for DeaFIT for deaf community. She’s the best at explaining and making it easy to understand!


Hello, I’m Meredith Burke, from Ohio, and I have been working with ShariLyn for eight months. I had been looking for a trainer who could sign and/or understand my disability on a deeper level in the fitness world. I have been an athlete my entire life. Then a couple life changing experiences led me to neglect my body and thinking it is because of my Cerebral Palsy. I would blame my falling and my losing my balance on CP.  It was and is partly because of my CP. AND MOSTLY because I didn’t take care of my body. 

I saw a friend who had ShariLyn as their trainer and saw how she pushed them to do more than what they could do. The bonus thing…. ShariLyn is Deaf and American Sign Language is her first language. I reached out and we both clicked. I knew right then ShariLyn was going to push me to do more than what I expected to do.  I LOVE it when people push me mentally and it makes me push myself to do more. ShariLyn also understood my CP and made sure every workout she made me do was accessible and accommodatable.  

I am now at the BEST SHAPE of my adult life.  The effects from my CP greatly reduced, my core is at its best shape, my walking has improved, my balance has improved, and I run up the stairs without using the rails. 

It’s not only the workouts that make a difference in this. What ShariLyn has emphasized in her program is 80% kitchen and 20% fitness. I now understand this more than I did before. We changed meal plans almost every 3-4 months to match with my goals. 


I thank ShariLyn for having patience and challenging me to do more.

I was been struggle my weight and fat loss. I am not happy I look my belly and arm . Till my trainer Shari told me about it could cause by the foods and try to adjust the foods . She gave me the meal plan the same meals for two weeks . It worked and reduce bloat, weight loss and reduce fat loss. I keep going till a month it work for me to avoid the foods for cause a bloat. I don’t mind to eat the same meals plan , and also we talk on Marco Polo for train fitness . We were easy communication each other . I am happy that my goal. I stay the path the foods and adjust foods . I keep my goal for fat loss to be continue.. highly recommend to contact Shari Moore. She is very helpful and adjust everything she could .


To my sister, Shari:

Ever since we started your dream in 2013, I have lost 20 lbs. and iI never have felt so good about myself.  I love what I have learned from you.  However, right now since 2015, I have been going through yo-yo weight loss and weight gain.  What is even better?   I have not forgotten what you have taught me.  I thank you for not letting me lose myself.  I just need to stick to the commitment of toning up the muscles and eat smaller portion of clean food.  


As of now, May 25, 2020, I am picking myself up and trying again.  You will see my updated before and after picture soon!  


Thanks so much to DeafFit coach, Shari for teaching and sharing her knowledge in ASL!  I learned so much to eat cleaner, to work harder, and to keep practicing on my poses for bodybuilding. I followed her strict plans on meals and exercises, and it worked as I am leaner and more confident now!

Her motto is right on!  

She pushes me to TRAIN SMART, DIET HARD, and SLEEP GOOD!

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