The competition begins on August 1 you have exactly 16 weeks to lose as much weight as possible, beginning on the date of your initial consultation. You do NOT have to be a gym member to participate. Individual consultations will take place from your home on videophone from Friday, July 30th through Sunday August 1 with me as your fitness trainer & nutritionist.  The 30 minute initial consultation can include any of the following:


  • Starting Weight, Measurements, and BodyFat %

  • Before Pictures

  • Goal Setting

  • Establishing a Plan/Workout  Routine

Each week, over the course of the program, you will be required to weigh-in either at home (by submitting a picture of your scale via email), beginning exactly one week from your start-up date. If you’re sending in photos from home, they need to come in on your weigh-in day, or they are not counted for that week.


Program Updates

Every Sunday, you will receive a weekly email with nutritional guidance, a fun fitness challenge, and updates on the progress of the competition. The individual who loses the greatest percentage of body fat will be announced on

DeaFIT Support Group on social media.

This is not just a GAME. It is a LIFE CHANGE!

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