About Me


My name is Sharon Moore and I live in Florida.  Initially, I was born and raised in Washington State. I have a deaf son, Isaac and a new grandson, Ezekiel. I love helping people and making them feel good about themselves. My hobbies are traveling, shopping, reading, doing a home renovation project, gardening and meeting new people.

A few years ago, after I hit the big 40, I bought myself a weight scale, and I couldn’t believe my eyes: 160 pounds!  I gained 40 pounds in less than a year. During my late 30’s, after I got a severe injury at work, I could not continue my career as a nursing assistant.  That was when my life went downhill. I had gone through many surgeries and doctor visits. I also took many medications and attended therapies for so many years.


Eventually, I decided that I had to do something about this right away.  A few days later, I made my son's old bedroom into a gym. I bought exercise equipment, but I only used them a few times.   As I didn’t use the home gym as often as I anticipated, I started to lose motivation. During those months, I tried to find a way to lose weight.  Eventually, I stopped eating fast food and sweets. Then, I began to cook healthy meals at home. After several months of eating healthy meals, I stepped on the scale again, and it was 155 pounds. I was disappointed and now, what?  I decided that I had to take a serious look at what and why I had failed.

I browsed the internet and looked at those ladies that are fit.  By looking at them, I was wondering how they managed to stay fit.  After all, I looked back and realized that I did the following: I quitted smoking cigarettes a few years ago, and the side effect of quitting smoking is gaining weight;  I ate unhealthy foods; and finally, I have the home gym, but I didn’t use it. That is the turning point of my determination. I decided to join the gym and get a personal trainer.

At this point, I had to choose what to do about my motivation.  Looking at why I lacked the motivation, I realized that I merely was working out at home.  I do not have any goal of what to do with my life, and I became complacent. All of those made me depressed at first, but then I thought, “Why should I be depressed?”

I saw what was wrong and it isn’t that hard to fix the problem.  So, I started to research about healthy life. I read everything I could about how to live healthily.  I also thought hard about why people like myself aren’t motivated enough to become and stay healthy.

After researching, it turns out that just being healthy for health’s sake is not the motivator.  In my case, the prospect of a long and healthy life wasn’t really what was driving me. It was the thought of how much money I could save from unhealthy life such as frequent doctor visits and taking too many medications.  By thinking about how much they cost me, that started to rub off on me. Someone once said that money is the greatest motivator in the world, and they are right on the money. Finally, I found my motivation. I got myself a personal trainer and a gym membership; I cut down on the partying; I only go to restaurants every other week, and I make sure to buy healthy food at the grocery store and cook the meals.  

To keep up with my motivation, I realized that I need to create the goals to achieve I listed above.  For one, instead of going to the parties, I go to the gym. I stopped eating fast food and going out to the restaurants; I cooked home meals instead.  I quitted smoking cold turkey, and I didn’t use nicotine gum or any assistance to stop smoking. With strong will-power, I overcame the addiction. I’m proud to say I have been smoke-free since 2012.

Precisely a week after first going over my life setting up goals, I felt motivated.  For the first time in my life, I sat down and made a long grocery list. I went out and bought more food than I’d ever bought before.  Then on that following Monday, I cooked meals for a whole week for the first time. Amazingly, I have not stopped since then. I’ve been doing that for over six years now.


During my home cooking journey, I continued to learn how to measure the grams of fat, carbohydrate, sugar, sodium, and proteins. That was difficult for the first few weeks. The hardest part was cutting down eating bad carbohydrate foods, but I have adjusted quickly because of the mindset I have to keep up with the motivation.  My family and my husband have been very supportive toward my eating habits. Instead of supporting me, they participated. I convinced them to join me in the new healthy lifestyle. My husband lost 30 pounds, and my sisters lost 10-20 pounds. The encouragement among my family is an ongoing thing today.

The best thing about changing my lifestyle is that I’m spending a lot more on groceries, and a lot less in restaurants.  Not only that I am saving money and getting healthier and fitter, I feel very productive. The motivation I have set for myself has led me to establish DeaFIT LLC as a fitness, nutrition consultant, inspire and motivational speaker.